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Mind, body and spirit: Sisters open new in-home yoga studio on Shorewood Drive

(Left to right) Kristal Kadrie and Kilee Kadrie Weiler sit in their new studio. The sisters began offering classes on May 8. (Meagan Pittelko/Tribune)1 / 5
Kristal and Kilee offer classes in their new home studio on Shorewood Drive as well as on the home's rooftop, weather permitting. (Meagan Pittelko/Tribune)2 / 5
A woman and child say, "Om" at Toddler & Me Yoga. The class is held on Mondays at 11:30 a.m. (Meagan Pittelko/Tribune)3 / 5
A young child holds a yoga mat at the end of Toddler & Me Yoga. The children are encouraged to help pick up yoga mats, blocks and other things at the end of each class. (Meagan Pittelko/Tribune)4 / 5
Those attending Monday's Toddler & Me Yoga class rest at the end of the class. While their parents were resting, the children were given stickers. (Meagan Pittelko/Tribune)5 / 5

The new Shorewood Yoga studio is the stuff of yogi dreams: it's bright, airy and--thanks to two walls of windows--filled with natural light and noises. Fresh air wafts off of the lake, birds chirp from tree branches just outside the studio--a garage loft--and sisters Kilee Kadrie Weiler and Kristal Kadrie sit in the center of the room on yoga mats, legs crossed.

"We feel so much gratitude for the space and that the community is so open-minded," Kilee said. "Plus, we're close to the lake, we have a rooftop space that we can practice on when weather allows and we get to be closer to nature, which is just really lovely."

Shorewood Yoga held its first class on May 8 and will hold classes year-round, in addition to offering ayurveda consultations. Kristal is certified in ayurvedic medicine, one of the world's oldest holistic sets of practices, and both Kristal and Kilee finished their yoga certifications in 2013--about five years after Kristal brought her sister to her first yoga class--at a studio in Willmar, Minnesota.

Although both sisters have other jobs at this point, they can't seem to imagine life without yoga.

"It brings so much into your life and it cultivates a lot of gratitude, positivity and self-awareness," Kilee said. "How can you not fall in love with that?"

Both Kristal and Kilee have worked with and attended classes at yoga studios in Detroit Lakes as well as in Fargo, and the women said that they simply wanted to add an in-home yoga studio to the community.

"There's a lot of yoga out there," Kilee explained, "but the world needs a lot of it. It's about reconnecting with yourself and with nature. In this busy world, we need reminders to slow down."

Kristal added that Shorewood Yoga aims to be inclusive and to hold classes that fit all levels and types of people.

"There are some classes that are a little bit more specific, obviously, like Mommy and Baby Yoga or Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga," she said. "All of the other classes, though, are modified and inclusive, so we invite everybody to come. YogaFlow and Modified Ashtanga are great all-levels classes."

Kilee added that, while classes like Mommy and Baby are more specified, people are welcome to come if it's the only class that works with their schedule. However, the invitation comes with a warning: "Be prepared to sing 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star' to the loving energy of the babies around you. Just know that you'll get your baby fix," she said.

In addition to the aforementioned classes, Shorewood Yoga also offers Toddler and Me Yoga, Gentle and Full Primary Ashtanga. The variety of classes cater to everyone from six-week-old infants in the Mommy and Baby classes to 80-year-olds in the Gentle classes, allowing everyone an opportunity to find time to practice yoga in a space that fits their lives and needs.

"We deserve more time for ourselves, for our breath and for being present," Kilee said. "We're not told that very much. We're always thinking about the future, about what's next."

Kristal agreed, adding that yoga also helps her let go of stress and anger.

"Yoga is just something I have to do," she said. "It centers me. It's a lot more than just poses--you take yoga off of your mat and into your daily life. It's taught me so much about loving myself, loving others and connecting with my body, mind and spirit."