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248,000 Minnesota hourly workers make $9.50 an hour or less

The 2016 Minnesota Minimum-Wage Report is now available from the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry. The report presents trends about Minnesota's minimum-wage workers and descriptive statistics about these workers for the current year.

Findings from the report

• There are about 1.61 million hourly workers in Minnesota (page 8).

• An estimated 248,000, or 15.4 percent, of these hourly workers make the state minimum wage of $9.50 an hour or less (page 8).

• Thirty-one percent of the state's minimum-wage workers work in eating and drinking places; 38 percent of these minimum-wage workers receive overtime, tips or commissions (page 10).

• Forty-six percent of the state's minimum-wage workers are older than 24 (page 14).

• Women are more likely than men to be paid the minimum wage (page 14).

• Fifty-nine percent of minimum-wage workers above age 20 have some college education, while 12 percent of minimum-wage workers above age 20 do not have a high school diploma (page 18).

• Eighteen percent of minimum-wage workers are in households at or below the poverty line (page 22).

• In 2016 dollars, the U.S. minimum wage (currently $7.25) fell 27 percent from 1974 to 2016, while the current Minnesota minimum ($9.50 as of Aug. 1, 2016) is about 6 percent more than in 1974 (page 3).

Wage laws

Minnesota's minimum wage was raised to $9.50 an hour Aug. 1, 2016, for employers with annual revenues of at least $500,000, and $7.75 an hour for employers with less than $500,000 in annual business.

More information

The report is available online at Copies of the report may also be obtained by calling (651) 284-5025 or 1-800-342-5354.