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Lundberg to offer community a new 10-Week Fitness Telecourse

With New Year's resolutions to lose weight hanging heavy in the wintry air, local Lifestyle Coach/Fitness Trainer Amy Lundberg is offering lakes area women a new kind of weight loss program: one designed to help eliminate excess weight for good by ditching the diet mindset.

"Most people want a cookie cutter approach," said Lundberg about diet and exercise programs. "Women never consider the link between nurturing their inner spirit and maintaining a fit, healthy body which empowers themselves to exercise beyond the initial stages of accomplishing their goal."

Lundberg's business Aim For It -- Fitness Coaching LLC works with women from across the country to build an inner foundation that finds balance and brings about a healthier fit body and lifestyle.

"The key to keeping any kind of workout schedule is to be realistic, have a proper mindset and plan. Rather than not work out at all, make the (workouts) shorter and more frequent. It's also helpful to break up your usual 30 minutes on the treadmill or walking into 10-minute increments throughout the day," commented Lundberg in a recent LA Times article.

"The new class open enrollment is very exciting," Lundberg said.

Most women don't look at the whole picture when it comes to losing weight and getting in shape, she added, which is natural because we live in a society where everything needs to fit in a little box.

"As women, we're such nurturers of others by nature, we completely exhaust ourselves and then we still give slowly depleting our spirits."

"The most important change came about gradually without my even noticing -- it was my mindset," commented Sue Doeden, a graduate of Lundberg's last Self Care Before Sit Ups course. "I began thinking less about my weight and more about keeping my mind and body healthy. It was this mental shift that Amy helped me achieve that has become a foundation that will keep me moving forward with positive behavior."

Coaching women to attain their own fitness and lifestyle goals is important to her both personally and professionally, said Lundberg.

"Being a mother of three small children, I have taken my own challenges and experiences as well as my education so that now I can help busy women balance family, business and their personal health quite successfully."

In addition to offering her Self Care Before Sit Ups 10-Week Transformation course, Lundberg owns Aim For It -- Fitness Coaching LLC (, has authored the popular e-book, "Self Care Before Sit Ups" and works as an expert guide on She and a partner also host an informative Internet radio show

For more information or enrollment to the Self Care Before Sit Ups 10-Week Transformation telecourse beginings Feb. 15, visit