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Web site affords opportunity to 'Give Back' to LCRC

What do the Internet, Valentine's Day hearts and the Lake Crisis and Resource Center have in common?

The LCRC was recently included as a recipient of Dakota Medical Foundation's Giving Hearts Day donations, designed to ascertain funds for the local nonprofit on none other than Valentine's Day 2008.

"We are very excited to be part of this fundraiser," said LCRC Executive Director Jan Logan. "It is an great opportunity to help raise money to fund the many services we provide."

LCRC got involved with the Dakota Medical Foundation a few years ago when Logan made a fateful phone call to the Fargo based foundation.

"I had noticed they had given money to the Rape and Abuse Crisis Center of Fargo and thought they might possible donate to us as well. So I just picked up the phone and called them up one day," Logan said.

That particular phone call came too late to secure funds for that year, she commented, but the newly forged relationship did create an avenue for future funding.

"Our timing was off that first year, but the Foundation put us in touch with their grant writer and we did write and receive a grant the following year for our Children's Services Program," explained Logan.

An advocate of women and children's issues, the LCRC provides a variety of services designed to help break the cycle of violence in the lakes area. With a special emphasis on children, the Dakota Medical Foundation's goal is to improve health and access to healthcare services. The two organizations have come together this Valentine's Day to offer up Giving Hearts Day.

"We run on donations and are always trying to find new ways to raise money," started Logan. "So we are excited to be part of this fundraiser."

Giving Hearts Day affords a way for people to give to a nonprofit of their choice via, a website that provides a one-stop shop to locate and give back to nonprofit organizations in various charitable areas of interest.

"It is our sincere hope to inspire and cultivate greater and more effective charitable giving and volunteerism in our region," notes the Impact Web site.

Because of Valentine's Day, donors to the Giving Hearts Program will be able to make contributions in honor or memory of someone as well. Donors will also be able to send an electronic card to someone special to let them know a donation was made.

Dakota Medical Foundation will be matching funds during the Valentine's Day-themed fundraiser to the qualified health-related nonprofit organizations listed on the Impact Web site of which LCRC has been included.

Giving Hearts Day is slated to run on Valentine's Day only, stressed Logan. To qualify for matching funds, contributions must be $25 or more and made on Feb. 14 between the hours of 12 a.m. and 11:59 p.m.

Additionally, each "Giving Hearts Day" health-related nonprofit organization and named fund is eligible to receive up to $5,000 in match funding, and the three nonprofits that raise the most will receive an incentive of up to $10,000.

"We are very appreciative for this opportunity. If anyone has any questions about making a donation, please feel free to give me a call," added Logan.

The LCRC will also be holding its annual banquet/auction on Friday, March 28, in Speak Easy. For more information about the Lakes Crisis and Resource Center, Giving Hearts Day or their upcoming banquet, call Logan at 847-7446 or log onto

More information about Dakota Medical Foundation can be found at