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Dr. Ferguson attends laser therapy meeting in Seattle

DETROIT LAKES - Dr. Todd Ferguson, a naturopath at the Dynamic Healing Center in Moorhead, recently attended a therapeutic laser meeting to advance his expertise in providing Low Level Laser Therapy to patients.

Held in Seattle, the meeting gathered leading practitioners in the field to discuss the latest research in Low Level Laser Therapy and emerging application techniques, including treatment of respiratory disorders and skin conditions such as eczema and acne. Physicist Lars Hode, president and founder of the Swedish Laser-Medical Society and author of The Laser Therapy Handbook, helped facilitate discussion.

Used to enhance wound healing and decrease inflammation and pain, Low Level Laser Therapy is an adjunct therapy for several conditions. Unlike laser eye surgery and cosmetic procedures, Low Level Laser Therapy involves no cutting, burning or heating.

Practicing naturopathic medicine for two years, Ferguson uses laser therapy to treat arthritic joints, low back pain, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and sinusitis.

Ferguson commented, "What I find so exciting about laser therapy is that it's not only medically effective at decreasing pain and inflammation, but when used properly it has virtually no side effects."

A graduate of Concordia College in Moorhead, Ferguson majored in math and physics and he continues to apply his education in his clinical practice.

Ferguson noted, "I went to medical school because my true passion was to treat people, but I continue to use my knowledge of physics to understand and apply cutting edge treatments, such as Low Level Laser Therapy."

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