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SJE-Rhombus donates equipment

Local business support will help fund purchase of digital radiographic equipment for Minnesota State Community and Technical College in Detroit Lakes.

Equipment dollars available for post-secondary delivery has been reduced so other sources of funding are being sought. The ability to deliver high quality technical education that contributes to overall health care industry needs requires that program equipment meet industry standards.

SJE Rhombus of Detroit Lakes recognized the need and committed funds towards the equipment purchase.

The Radiologic Technology program was initially started to address a labor shortage of professionally trained radiologic technologists in our region but specifically in rural areas of Minnesota and North Dakota. The program has met and continues to meet this goal today.

In addition to meeting this goal the program has expanded its delivery to include an online program which reaches out further into under-served rural areas. In spite of the great success the program has had, supplying professionally trained technologist to these rural areas, the program also recognizes the need to keep up with industry standards by providing the most up to date training to our students. For this reason it is imperative that we provide hands on training with digital equipment.

During the past five years, MSCTC-DL Radiologic Technology has graduated 73 technicians. Of these 73, 27 percent are employed within the greater Detroit Lakes area including seven employed at St. Mary's Hospital. This program and Minnesota State contribute greatly to the economic health of our community. Meeting industry standards with digital program equipment will be made possible in part from SJE Rhombus.

A local manufacturer,SJE-Rhombus is located at 22650 County Highway 6.