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Floor to Ceiling hosts National Green Select Day

In celebration of Earth Day on Tuesday, the Detroit Lakes Floor to Ceiling Carpet One is hosting National Green Day.

"There is such a strong focus on going green these days that Carpet One wanted to take initiative," said Detroit Lakes Floor to Ceiling Carpet One Assistant Manager Chrissy Carlson.

The special Carpet One green day event was held on Saturday, April 19, with participation from 1,100 Carpet One stores across the nation. Floor to Ceiling Carpet One took part in Green Select Day by helping to clean up the Long Lake Access and offering up a variety of specials on green products.

"I am from the area and am very fond of the Long Lake access, which is why we chose that area to clean-up this year," said Carlson.

In addition to selling recycled fiber carpets, Carpet One is working up for a pre-emptive strike by actually going into landfills and pulling out carpet to be recycled for the program.

"We get a monthly trash charge too, so this would go a long way in helping us to reduce costs as well as free up landfill space. The goal is to eventually get the carpet before it even goes into the landfill," said Carlson.

Part of a network 1,100 stores strong, Green Select Day offered up free Sloppy Joes at the stores once the clean up was finished as well as a 5 percent discount on their Green Select products from carpet to renewable hardwood flooring like cork,

"We want to do our part at the local level as well," said Carlson. "Our new showroom and custom cabinet shop in Osage, for example, will save lots of gasoline for us as our customers as we will not have to ship cabinets in from long distances."

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