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JCPenny 'Rounds Up' for Boys, Girls Club

Can you spare a dime, nickel or penny?

In an ongoing national campaign that invites customers to "Round Up" their purchases to help support local after school programs, the Detroit Lakes JCPenney "Round Up" has come to the lakes area.

"'Round Up' is program where our customers are given an opportunity to round up their purchase amounts to the nearest whole dollar, whether that is by a penny or $.99 cents. Then that money is given to JCPenney After School fund," explained Detroit Lakes JCPenney Manager Pat Readel.

To date, JCPenney and the JCPenney After School Fund have contributed more than $70 million to support after school programs and groups nationwide.

Locally, the Detroit Lakes JCPenney store recently rounded up funds to be donated to the Detroit Lakes Boys and Girls Club, which services over 100 kids in the lakes area on an after school basis.

JCPenney started "Round Up" in 2007. Their recent event garnered more than $180 for the local Boys and Girls Club.

"It is such a good program. I am so excited to be part of it," added Readel.

In addition to the funds raised by customers, money was also matched by JCPenny and Readel commented even some was literally grabbed for the program.

"The company matches funds based on how much was raised. I also got an opportunity to grab cash for 'Round Up' in a wind booth at our last manager's meeting, which was a lot of fun. I ended up grabbing $350."

Readel noted there are two more Round Ups planned for this year -- one in August and another in December.

"Our customer participation was one of the highest in our district at 47.2 percent," said Readel. "And a nice thing about this program is that all the money stays local and goes directly to the Boys and Girls Club."

Nationwide, this most current "Round Up" event raised $840,000 which was in turn given to local Boys and Girls Clubs, 4H's programs and other such applicable after school programs.

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