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Brief: CJJ Industries offers new Signature Hybrid

CJJ, Inc. of Detroit Lakes is making available its new Signature Hybrid frame straighter.

The Signature is an automotive frame machine that comes in three-, four- or five-tower configurations. CJJ, Inc., is a longtime manufacturer of frame equipment that makes and sells the Signature frame rack.

Based on two of the company's current frame machines: the Signature 5-tower rack and the American Freedom 3-tower rack, the new Signature Hybrid offers three pivoting pulling towers at one end and two movable towers that ride on a track around the outer edge of the bed. The pivoting towers provide strength, stability and repair width, while the movable towers deliver 360-degree access for pulling.

"With the Signature Hybrid, we've combined the best features of both models in a frame machine that has incredible pulling power, great versatility and easy accessibility for auto body technicians," said company spokesperson Darren Bremseth.

CJJ, Inc. has been manufacturing automotive collision repair equipment since 1986. In addition to manufacturing the Signature, CJJ, Inc. manufactures the Star-A-Liner Cheetah line of auto body frame machines.

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