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Stylist brings big city flare to DL -- Young entrepreneur opens salon on West Lake Drive

Sarah Badurek said she isn't one to take risks, but when family and friends encouraged her to open her own salon, she decided to take the plunge.

The 28-year-old opened b. Salon in Detroit Lakes on May 12.

While she said opening her own salon hasn't been a lifelong goal, she's proud of herself for the achievement, and said business is going well thus far.

Badurek recently moved back to the Detroit Lakes area with her husband after working for three years in Florida while he was finishing school.

"In Florida, I rented out my own station, so I'm used to working for myself," Badurek said of her business background.

She had been working at Sorella's Salon and Spa in Perham for the last year and a half when she started thinking about opening her own business.

Ultimately, however, she said the family support was what clinched the decision.

"My family knew how I felt about doing hair, how much I loved it, and they backed me up," she said, adding that they supported the venture financially as well.

Badurek, originally from Fosston, Minn., went to cosmetology school at Scot Lewis schools in the Twin Cities and then through three months of extensive training at an Aveda salon.

Since then, she's been taking numerous classes through Paul Mitchell and Redken companies to broaden her education.

In September, Badurek attended a two-day advanced Aveda academy in New York City, one of only five locations in the world to take the advanced classes, and the only city in the United States.

What makes her salon different from the others?

"I think my education and experience is No. 1," Badurek said. "I've been around the country and had those experiences. Clients will be loyal, but if you're not good at what you do, they'll only be there for a certain extent."

The salon offers full hair and waxing services, as well as hair extensions, which she said is the one of the most unique things about what her salon offers.

"They're expensive to do, but not many other places do it," she said.

Coming up with the name for the salon, which ended up being after her last initial, "b," was one of the most difficult tasks of the process, she said.

"We went through a dictionary looking for ideas and nothing else stuck," Badurek said. "We'd pick out random things in the dictionary and look at each other and say, 'No, that doesn't work,' so we went with 'b.' I wanted something easy to remember and early in the phone book."

As for the location, which is on West Lake Drive near Voyageur Lanes, Badurek thinks it will work to her advantage to be a little removed from the main Detroit Lakes action.

"There are a lot of residents out this way, too," she said. "For people that live on the lake, it's easier for them to come here than going into town."

To make an appointment at b. Salon, located at 1333 W. Lake Dr., call Badurek at (218) 844-5701.