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Perham's Primera closes

Primera Foods Corporation announced it is closing a manufacturing facility in Perham, affecting 50 employees.

Ron Ashton, president and CEO of Primera Foods said, "This difficult decision is necessary to keep Primera Foods viable in the highly competitive and volatile egg market."

Earlier this year, the company announced the purchase of a facility close to Britt, Iowa.

"Strategically, this is a good opportunity for us to get closer to the source of our primary raw material," Ashton said. "Iowa is the top egg-producing state in the country."

Ashton said the company will officially close the Perham facility by October 31, 2008, depending on how quickly equipment and operations can be moved.

Employees with no opportunity to work at the Perham facility will be provided a comprehensive separation package, which includes severance pay, health and dental benefit continuation, and outplacement assistance.

The company is also providing opportunities for employees to transfer to other facilities.

Primera Foods Corporation is an international liquid egg and dried ingredient supplier to the food industry. The company is headquartered in Cameron, WI with operations in Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin.