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ACS launches rural America 24-hour station

Arvig Communication Systems/ACS and RFD-TV, LLC have announced the launch of RFD-TV on ACS Video in west central Minnesota.

RFD-TV will be available locally on Tuesday, June 3, to three and four star, life and leisure and total entertainment customers.

RFD-TV's Chief Operating Officer, Ed Frazier said, "RFD-TV has proven to be one of the most popular channels across the country, especially in markets similar to that of the ACS Video service area."

RFD-TV features a well-balanced variety of programming that serves the interests and needs of rural America.

Within the past year, RFD-TV added Ralph Emery "Live," the new Crook & Chase Show and Imus in the Morning.

Programming includes a wide-variety of shows focused on agriculture, equine, rural lifestyle and traditional music offerings, which are linked via satellite from NorthStar Studios in Nashville, Tennessee.

"Our rural lifestyle programming will be well received, just as it has been across the country," Frazier said. " I am thrilled to have Arvig Communication Systems as a new affiliate and look forward to hearing feedback from their viewers."

For more information or to upgrade your package, contact Arvig Communication Systems at 1-866-YES-4ACS or sign-up online at