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Lakeridge Dental moves to new clinic

Lakeridge Dental moved to new office in October and doubled the space it had before.1 / 2
Dr.Kristine Riewer and Dr. Donald Steinmetz are the dentists at Lakeridge Dental, which is now located on East Highway 10 in Detroit Lakes.2 / 2

A visit to Lakeridge Dental in Detroit Lakes isn't like going to a stereotypical dentist's office.

Instead of being inundated with tile, harsh light and bright colors, the relocated and renamed clinic is designed to relax patients.

And that was the goal of Dr. Kristine Riewer, who along with Dr. Donald Steinmetz wanted something different when the new clinic reopened Oct. 26, on the site of the former Detroit Lakes Animal Hospital.

"I had nothing to do with the decorating," Steinmetz said, giving Riewer the credit.

Riewer said that a change from a harsh environment was needed.

"I didn't want white and light, and stark colors," Riewer said. "I wanted that warm environment. It's a bigger office, but I still wanted people to feel that it's an intimate setting."

Steinmetz has been a fixture in Detroit Lakes for 35 years now. And Lakeridge Dental's current location is his third since setting up shop.

Lakeridge Dental used to be just around the corner of where it is now on Highway 10 near Country Kitchen when it was on Jackson Avenue. Before that, the clinic was housed on Front Street.

While there were a few reasons to move, one stood out in Steinmetz's mind.

"Space would be the biggest," he said.

Riewer said that the clinic kept getting bigger.

"We started to get more hygienists and of course, the (number of) patients grew," she said.

Technology played a factor as well.

"The technology of the business changes," Steinmetz said. "We no longer had the space in our other rooms. You used to get by with a paper and pencil.

"Now you have computers in the room, the X-rays hanging and the TVs. And we weren't able to crowd that into our little space."

Patients no longer have to leave the room to take X-rays. Both Riewer and Steinmetz said that is nice for patients who might have trouble moving around,

Patients can watch TV while getting treated and they can also be used to educate patients. Steinmetz said there are DVDs that help explain procedures to patients who are naturally nervous about what's about to happen.

"If you don't keep up, you fall behind," Steinmetz said of the technological upgrades at the new clinic.

Patients have taken a liking to the new clinic.

"We've received positive feedback," Riewer said.

An open house is set for Thursday, Feb. 19, from 5 to 7 p.m. Refreshments will be served, and visitors can look around the new facility.

Lakeridge Dental is now at 701 Highway 10 East in Detroit Lakes and can be reached at 847-9214.