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Midwest Bank giving out new debit cards after data breach at Heartland Payment Systems

Some Midwest Bank customers received new Visa debit cards in the mail recently and don't know why.

Unfortunately, the card swaps came after Midwest Bank was notified that some of its customers were affected by a data breach at Heartland Payment Systems.

Heartland, which handles credit card transactions behind the scenes, discovered that its computer network was broken into last year. Several news organizations report that the breach occurred in May 2008 and wasn't found until mid-January.

The breach involved credit card numbers and cardholder names.

Midwest Bank President Steve Daggett said that his bank is taking a proactive approach by issuing new cards to account holders whose names were flagged by Heartland.

"Rather than jeopardize account holders, we decided to issue new cards," Daggett said.

Customers will receive a new card in one envelope and their PIN number separately. Customers will also need to call a toll-free number listed on the new card to activate it.

"You'll want to activate the new one as soon as you can," Daggett said.

Daggett added that the older cards should be cut up after the new one gets activated. He said that Midwest Bank would deactivate the old cards within the next week or so.

Bank customers should check their statements to see if there are any transactions that look suspicious. If a suspicious transaction is found, customers should call Midwest Bank.