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Arvig changes cable lineup around region

Arvig Communication Systems is beginning a multi-year project that will lead ACS Video into an all-digital format.

Due to the upgrades, some channels will need to be relocated on the Two Star line-up on June 2. Sci-Fi moved to Ch. 44 (changing to SyFy June 1), TV Land to Ch. 60, EWTN to Ch. 79, TBN to Ch. 80 and 3ABN to Ch. 81.

In addition, four duplicate channels will also be removed from the digital Three Star lineup, as they are already carried and available on the Two Star tier: History on Ch. 110, National Geographic on Ch. 111, HGTV on Ch. 130 and Sci-Fi on Ch. 161.

Subscribers will need to reprogram their televisions to view these channels if they don't use an ACS Video digital set-top box. If they do have an ACS Video box, however, channels will be viewable immediately.