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State says sales tax campaign working

The Minnesota Department of Revenue has collected $278,700 in the first year of posting a list of Minnesota businesses that have failed to file and/or pay sales tax posted on the agency's website.

The effort aims to bring delinquent debtors into compliance and inform the public that these businesses cannot make taxable sales.

When the list was first launched, 64 businesses owed sales tax to the state. To date, 18 businesses have paid in full and have been removed from the list. Currently, there are 103 businesses on the list, owing the state a total of $3.9 million.

The department can revoke sales tax permits for nonpayment of sales tax and/or non filing of sales tax returns. If the business is operating after the sales tax permit is revoked, the individuals running the business are subject to criminal charges.

The list includes the name of the business, dollar amount owed, and the date the sales tax permit was revoked.

The business will remain on the list until the permit is reinstated.

To have a permit reinstated, a business must provide a security deposit. The list is updated monthly but businesses are removed from the list as soon as their permit is reinstated.