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Customers seeing deals on boats

One of the biggest industries nation-wide to take a hit during the economic downturn is the bread and butter of our local tourism industry, toys that make noise and float on our lakes.

Boat and pontoon sales may be flat across the country, but with so many dealers shutting down across America, customers are seeing the deals.

At J and K Marine Detroit Lakes, Fritz Kunz is a pontoon polisher and primper. "When we say repo, they are brand new still shrink wrapped," Kunz said. "Coming in they are brand spanking new."

Manufacturers have sent other dealers the inventory. "Reaping the benefits. We are getting huge discounts on these and bringing them in for people," Kunz said.

For the consumer it is a win-win, a brand new toy with a full warranty, but because of the economy and the fact these are all repos, the consumer is saving between $3,000 and $10,000.

Bruce Aasleson of Cormorant got a crash course today after getting delivery of his pontoon.

"The unit we had was 20-years old and the grandchildren are bigger and I wanted something

I could enjoy with them," Aasleson said.

And no once could be happier than granddaughter Lydia. Under a new pilot program, the small business administration will offer guaranteed loans to marine dealers who are struggling during these tough economic times.