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Spilde's are back in town

Lori and Ray Spilde are back in the Lakes Area, running Spilde Summer Realty from their house on Shorewood Drive in Detroit Lakes.

Ray and Lori Spilde are back in the lakes area for another summer of realty, this time under the Spilde Summer Realty banner.

"In the past, we were known as the Spilde team," Ray Spilde said.

The married duo have been selling real estate in the area for 35 years, at least when Ray Spilde started selling real estate part time while he was a teacher in Mahnomen.

From there he's been in Fargo-Moorhead, Detroit Lakes, Tulaby Lake, Lake of the Woods and Bad Medicine Lake.

"We've been gypsies," Lori Spilde said.

Now they're back in Detroit Lakes for good, at least during the summer months. In the fall, the Spilde's take off for Mesa, Ariz., a suburb of Phoenix.

Ray Spilde jokes about moving back-and-forth from Minnesota and Arizona.

"When they ask us where we live, we say Mesa, Minnesota," Ray Spilde said.

Besides real estate, the Spildes are also involved with Zurvita, a company that sells a variety of products that range from computer help, gas and oil, home warranties, health care and security services.

"There are a lot of things that go along with real estate and it gets us in the door," Ray Spilde said of Zurvita.

The Spildes also have a tie to the California real estate market as their daughter sells real estate there. Spilde Summer Realty lists the properties that their daughter has and vice-versa.

"That's something that nobody else has here," Lori Spilde said.

For Californians, a house in Minnesota is a bargain. Even a lake house here costs the same as a small 1- or 2-bedroom home in the Los Angeles area or near San Francisco.

Those who have real estate listed with Spilde Summer Realty know that time is limited. Ray Spilde said that all of the listings for this summer end on Oct. 26.

Lake property makes up a good portion of the business, but the Spilde's don't limit themselves to that. They sell land, and have listings from Alexandria to Lake of the Woods.

"I'll be there for my birthday, it's a given," Ray Spilde said of leaving in October since his birthday is in early November.

While it's a unique way of selling real estate, the Spilde's say that their method works.

"We think outside of the box," Ray Spilde said.

Relationships over their career have helped that.

"We've done it," Ray Spilde said. "We're the people you can trust with the property you want to buy."

Spilde Summer Realty can be reached at 218-790-0713.