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BTD Manufacturing inducted into Polaris Hall of Fame

Polaris Industries Inc. inducted BTD Manufacturing into the Polaris Hall of Fame at the National Sales Meeting in Wyoming, Minn. on July 23.

BTD Manufacturing is among five new inductees into the Hall of Fame, which was created during the company's 50th anniversary in 2004.

"The Polaris Hall of Fame is our opportunity to acknowledge the valuable, long-term contributions made by individuals and business partners like those we inducted this year," said Polaris CEO Scott Wine. "BTD Manufacturing's contributions have enhanced the innovation, quality and customer service that are the bedrocks of the Polaris and Victory brands."

other inductees are retired employees Robert S. "Bob" Moe and Mitchell Johnson, dealership Bill's Service Center and international distributor Egidio Motta and his company, Egimotors SRL.