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Jeff's Muffler has a new home

Jeff's Muffler Shop owner Jeff Schlauderaff has a new home after moving into the old Chaney's Auto Repair location in Detroit Lakes two months ago. The shop gives Schlauderaff more room and is convenient for customers. (Brian Basham/DL Newspapers)

Jeff's Muffler Shop in Detroit Lakes has had a couple of homes, but hopefully the new one will be around for a while.

Owner Jeff Schlauderaff moved into the old Chaney's Auto Repair building on Eighth Street Southeast east of Roosevelt Avenue two months ago.

Previously, Jeff's Muffler Shop has been located on North Washington Avenue and on Highway 59 North.

"We were renting there and bought this place," Schlauderaff said of why the latest move took place.

He added: "We should be good staying now."

The move from the North Washington Avenue location occurred when the shop was damaged in a fire several years ago.

The new location is convenient for his customers, Schlauderaff said.

"For people to get rides, it's much simpler," he said.

Logistics played a role in the move as well.

The shop is much bigger than the old location and has a better layout.

"It's quite a bit bigger," Schlauderaff said. "And the building is set up a lot nicer for mechanic work. We have more doors."

He said that the building at the Highway 59 location just had one door.

"You had to drive in cars from the end and you had a lot of wasted space," Schlauderaff said. "And this has a nice office."

Jeff's Muffler Shop didn't close down during the move.

Schlauderaff said it took place over a weekend.

"Over a weekend, we moved pretty much everything," he said. "We were busy."

Owning his own building is a great feeling, Schlauderaff said.

For him, it means a permanent home.

"You're going to be staying because you're paying for it," Schlauderaff said. "If your renting, if something better comes along, you leave. It was a good opportunity to buy."

Jeff's Muffler Shop does a lot more than repair mufflers.

The shop repairs brakes, shocks and struts, ball joints, and oil changes. Jeff's Muffler also is a U-Haul location -- one of two U-Haul locations in Detroit Lakes.

The shop is located at 812 Eighth St. S.E. in Detroit Lakes. It can be reached at 846-9318.