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Record switches days with Tribune

Surprised to see the Becker County Record again so soon?

The Wednesday Record will be published on Sundays from now on -- though many subscribers will receive their copy on Saturdays.

The Tribune, is published on Sundays, will now be delivered on Wednesdays, starting this week.

The same staff here at Detroit Lakes Newspapers puts out both the Tribune and the Record, as well as the shopper, the weekly Lake Area Press.

The Tribune used to be delivered only to those who subscribed.

The Record was delivered for free. Now if you subscribe to one, you get the other one free.

If you don't subscribe, you won't get either newspaper.

Those who don't subscribe to the newspapers will continue to get the Lake Area Press on Fridays.

But everyone in our coverage area will receive all advertising supplements and inserts -- whether in the Record, Tribune or the Lake Area Press -- so no one will miss out on any advertising deals.

The Record will offer news, opinion, sports, farm and outdoor news.

Because of deadline requirements at our printing plant, print coverage of Friday evening sporting events will appear in the Wednesday Tribune.

Same-day game results will be posted on our news Web site, DL-Online.

We're always looking for stories about people -- if you have any tips for us, please call the newspaper or email me at