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Domino's to reopen in former location

Keriea Omang is the new franchise owner of Domino's Pizza in Detroit Lakes. The pizza delivery restaurant will re-open Wednesday. (Brian Basham/DL Newspapers)

The red, white and blue is back in Detroit Lakes.

Domino's Pizza reopens Wednesday at 1302 Washington Avenue under new ownership.

Keriea Omang is the new owner and is fresh from training in La Crosse Wis., where she spent several weeks learning how a franchise operates.

The five-week training course at one of Domino's five-star restaurants was no cake walk for Omang, despite being involved in the fast food business for years. Her family operates four Subway franchises, including three in Detroit Lakes and one in Mahnomen.

Omang worked in the stores for 10 years and managed them for the last four years.

"It was hard being away from home, otherwise it went pretty good," Omang said.

For the first week of training, Omang said she learned the ropes of keeping the books at a Domino's restaurant. After that, the real work began with hands-on management of a store.

"The last three weeks I was in the store running shifts and doing it all," Omang said.

As for why Domino's is back, it's a simple answer.

"It's here after it was empty, and it's a good opportunity," Omang said.

While it's not open yet, plenty of people are waiting for Domino's to return.

Omang said people were calling last week just a few days after a new phone line was activated.

For a business that is reopening, it looks to be a good sign that there is a customer base waiting to be served.

"I was really iffy," Omang said of regaining customer interest.

Wintertime happens to be the busiest time for pizza restaurants, something that Omang is counting on in the next few months.

She said that Domino's has printouts of games coming up to showcase the busy days in the pipeline.

Delivery will be available, with drivers traveling up to eight miles from the store.

Online ordering also is on offer, with that option becoming increasingly popular.

"I think that is so neat," Omang said of online ordering. "I definitely want to push that."

Omang is looking to hire up to 16 employees -- eight working inside the store and eight delivery drivers.

"I'm sure there will be more," she said. "But with me being new to it, I don't know what I'll need."

The pizza itself has been revamped, as there are more options than ever.

"They (Domino's) came out with new sauce, new crust, new cheese, everything," Omang said. "It's great because we'll be opening with all new stuff."

Sandwiches and pasta bowls are relatively new, with those products only available for about a month before Domino's closed in the middle of 2008.

Domino's in Detroit Lakes can be reached 846-1502.