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Alluring Beauty opens in DL

Andrea McGillis opened up "Alluring Beauty" in the Personal FX space in the Washington Square Mall, where she does botox, latisse, and juvederm.

As Andrea McGillis prepares to put the words "Imagine the Possibilities" on her office wall, her world seems to be in a whirlwind of change.

The Detroit Lakes native (1988 DLHS graduate) is back in town after 17 years of living her life as a nurse, then as a medical sales associate in the St. Cloud area.

Two years ago, McGillis began pursing her real career interest as a nurse aesthetician/injectionist in Baxter, Minn.

Then, a love interest caught her attention.

"I re-kindled an old flame from Detroit Lakes," McGillis said, smiling. "He was a guy I dated after high school; I worked with him at the Holiday Inn 20 years ago."

After reconnecting on a social media site five years ago, McGillis and her old flame, Shaun Engelsrud (who was living in Fargo) began getting to know each other again.

During that time, McGillis's father, Don McGillis (who was the executive director of the Muhube Community Council) passed away.

"My dad was a big part of this community; he loved this town, and I so did I," she said.

Still dealing with the grief of losing her father, McGillis and her long lost love decided to meet up at the Holiday Inn for her mother's 79th birthday party.

"And now we're probably going to get married at the Holiday Inn," laughed McGillis.

So, both McGillis and her fiancé, Engelsrud, moved back home to DL to begin their lives together again.

With her personal life taking a quick turn, McGillis is now "injecting" some adventure in her professional life as well.

A nurse who is medically licensed in facial rejuvenation, McGillis has now opened up her own businesses called "Alluring Beauty," located in the Personal FX space in the Washington Square Mall.

McGillis is qualified to do botox, juvederm and latisse.

"Juvederm is a dermal filler -- it's a hyaluronic acid that we inject back into the nasal folds around your mouth to fill in the area where collagen isn't being made anymore; it's a natural substance that your body is able to break down," McGillis said.

The better known botox is also proving to be a popular service for McGillis, as the muscle relaxer takes away wrinkles formed from facial muscles.

"I had a lady in here the other day who got teary-eyed when she saw the results in the mirror," McGillis said. "She came in here and did this for herself.

"It's not a facelift, it's just something that gives a little youthfulness."

McGillis says she also administers botox for medical reasons.

"There are 450 medical reasons to use botox as well. I will put it under the arms and feet for clients who suffer from excess sweating or for people who suffer from headaches..."

McGillis also offers latisse, a product that helps eyelashes grow.

"They're drops. You take a tiny little brush and put it right across the top of your eyelashes every night for at least six weeks, and it really works; it's crazy," she said.

McGillis says although she does have a schedule of 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, every other Friday and Saturday, she remains very flexible to meet the needs of clients.

"If someone calls me and says, 'Hey, I'd like some botox, but I don't get off until 9 at night,' I will just meet them at the shop and do it there; I'm available seven days a week."

McGillis is getting very good at juggling schedules, as she also juggles two other jobs -- in a transitional unit at St. Mary's Hospital here in Detroit Lakes, and a part time job working with medical lasers at a doctor's office in Baxter.

She says she hopes one day Alluring Beauty will grow to become her one and only job.

"I just love it. It makes me giddy," McGillis said.

She's hoping it makes people around the area giddy too, as she says this will be the only place in Detroit Lakes that offers these services on a full-time basis.

"And I try to make my prices extremely competitive so that people can at least come in here and try it without being raked over the coals at the bank," McGillis added.

To find out more on Alluring Beauty, log on to or call 218-849-9199 or 218-847-9200.