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Fast talk in Frazee -- new livestock auction market opens Friday

DJ Stallman is co-owner and manager of Frazee Livestock Auction Market, set to open Friday, April 29. The three-barn property sits right on Highway 10 off the Frazee exit.1 / 2
the sale barn where the animals are weighed and sold has been brought back up to working standard after 25 years of sitting vacant.2 / 2

Calling all cattlemen ... there is a new local place to take of care of bustling beef business.

Frazee Livestock Auction Market is opening up Friday April 29.

"People can bring their cattle in and we'll sell them right here," said Co-owner and Manager DJ Stallman.

The livestock sales will be held every Friday at 10 a.m.

"We'll be starting with slaughter cattle -- fats and bulls -- then at noon we'll go to the smaller livestock like hogs, goats, sheep, baby calves, bred cows and feeder cattle," Stallman said.

Stallman and his business partner, Joe Varner of Bagley, bought the three-barn, 10-acre property last year.

"Last summer I started a consignment sale here every Saturday with mostly farm equipment, so now we'll be able to do business with a lot of the local farmers who came here for that," Stallman said.

And this business is what Stallman knows.

"My grandfather and father both did this; they bought, sold and hauled a lot of cattle for people over the years, so I grew up with this."

In fact, Stallman grew up with this ... here.

"My father worked for the man who owned this place 30 years ago."

But for the past 25 years, the sale barn has gone virtually unused, meaning Stallman had some updates to do.

The young entrepreneur (he was a 1999 Frazee grad) did some maintenance repairs and installed an electronic scale for livestock.

Now, the gates are ready to swing open once again.

Stallman says they will probably only have a few hundred head of cattle for their first sale on Friday, but expect about a thousand for the following week's grand opening sale.

The three barns can hold a max of about 1,500 head of cattle.

"We've got a lot of buyers coming from all over and a lot of local farmers doing the selling."

Stallman says he and his co-owner, Joe Varner, who owns several sale barns like this one throughout Minnesota, will be there for the sales, as auctioneer Dave Sabin does the fast-talking.

The Frazee native says the area was in need of something like this because the closest sale barn is around Perham, and if it weren't for that one it would be more like 150 miles away.

"It's the perfect place for it because it's right by Highway 10 where everyone can see it," Stallman explains, "We have 10 acres, so there's lots of room for parking."

Stallman says they'll have lunch available, as well as free coffee...

For more information on the consignment sale or the auction market, call 218-334-2427.