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Tax deadlines remain in effect during shutdown

The Minnesota Department of Revenue will continue to process tax payments during the state government shutdown.

All tax laws and deadlines remain in effect, and taxpayers are reminded of their legal obligation to file returns and pay all taxes when they are due to avoid penalties and interest.

The department's electronic services will be maintained, so taxpayers may continue to pay their taxes and file returns during the shutdown.

All payments and returns received by mail will be date-stamped to verify that they were received in a timely manner.

Local government aid payments will be processed as scheduled in July.

In the absence of authorized funding, agency functions not deemed critical by the courts have been suspended.

No refunds will be processed or issued at this time, and the department will have no one to assist taxpayers by phone or email until normal operations resume.

A more detailed description of services that have been suspended or will continue during the shutdown is available at