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Finding 'Serenity' in DL

Serenity Salon of Detroit Lakes has moved across town, and according to owner Karla Schultz, it's been enough to make her want to cry.

"It does," said a smiling Schultz, "that's how great this move has been for us -- it's been amazing!"

Whereas before the salon sat in a small space next to Video Action along Highway 10 on the east side of Detroit Lakes, it's now nestled into a space in the Accel Realty building in the middle of town, which is three times as large.

"We just exploded," said Schultz excitedly, "We were able to move toward becoming more of a medi-spa, which is something I really wanted."

The additional space means Serenity Salon can now offer additional services aside from hair and nails.

Those additional services are being provided by additional ladies, as the number of employees at Serenity Salon jumped from four to 12 -- including a registered nurse able to take the salon to a whole new level.

"She can do botox, medical-grade chemical peels and owns a $30,000 machine that can do all kinds of things," said Schultz.

Some of those things include hydro-facials and light therapy.

"Hydro-facials are so amazing," said Schultz. "It's a machine that basically sucks all the junk out of your face and pushes moisture into your skin ... plumps up fine lines and wrinkles, while totally cleansing and rejuvenating your skin."

Schultz says "light therapy" helps with both acne and age spots.

"It has different lights where the red light helps with aging and sun spots while the blue lights will kill the bacteria that causes acne," said Schultz.

Serenity Salon also now offers teeth whitening and additional pedicure stations.

With several new 'privacy rooms', the salon is also now able to offer couples massages and full-body waxing.

"In the old location we did do bikini and facial waxing, but now wherever you need waxing, we'll wax -- let's just leave it at that," laughed Schultz.

Once non-existent in Detroit Lakes, Serenity Salon now also offers spray tanning.

"We had so many requests for this," said Schultz. "It's instant gratification without any of the harmful rays, and that's important because there are so many people who are concerned about skin cancer now."

Schultz says 'health' is a big part of what she wants Serenity to be about, as she offers all-natural products, including their permanent inch-loss detoxifying body wraps.

"It's formulated so that it actually goes into your skin, shrinks your cells and tightens and tones your skin," said Schultz, "and we have the full body wraps or ones that just target a certain area like your face or tummy."

Schultz says the treatment rooms are private, and the people within them are treated not just as clients, but as friends.

"We don't tell anybody anything about who is getting what done," said Schultz. "If you want to tell people what you've had done, fine, but we won't."

Schultz will say, however, that about half of their clients coming in for a 'tune up' are men.

"What's happening is that the women are looking good," Schultz said.

"It used to be that men would just age gracefully, but now they're seeing their wives starting to look way younger than them, so now we have an equal amount of men coming in for the teeth whitening, body wraps and hydro-wraps."

Schultz says another benefit of their new location is space to sell the talents of local artists.

"Petra Cole, a local artist from the Cormorant area, sells her jewelry here now, and Kathy Dretsch sells purses, hats and scarves," said Schultz, who says she is happy to have the space to do that now.

She also says her expanded business is due to mainly to one thing: word of mouth.

"Our clients are the reason for this," said Schultz. "They've been so loyal and faithful, and it is because of them that we're able to keep expanding."

Schultz says being able to offer all these new beautifying services makes her feel good because she sees how her clients look and feel when they leave.

"I want them to feel as blessed when they leave as we do when they walk in," said Schultz.

For more information on Serenity Salon, log on to or call 218-844-5479 for the Detroit Lakes location or 218-532-2555 for the Cormorant Village location.