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Unique Boutique has one-of-a-kind items

Unique Boutique is located at 515 Washington Avenue in Detroit Lakes. The building has been remodeled and filled with unique, one-of-a-kind items, including apparel and jewelry. Photo by - Paula Quam1 / 5
A look at what the outside of Unique Boutique is like. Photo by - Paula Quam2 / 5
Unique Botique stives to provide funky, fun items to people of all ages and interests, including business apparel, edgy accessories, Jamaican-style clothes and more. Photo by - Paula Quam3 / 5
A few of the assorted accessories that are for sale at Unique Boutique Photo by - Paula Quam4 / 5
Unique Boutique is owned by Tracy and Chris Roach, a husband and wife team that traded in their old careers for something new and exciting in Detroit Lakes. Photo by - Paula Quam5 / 5

"I love to shop," giggled Tracy Roach, "It's kind of a bad habit of mine."

Roach and her husband, Chris, are turning Tracy's naughty little love of quaint, up-town retail into a local business of their own -- called Unique Boutique.

The new shop recently opened up at 515 Washington Avenue, next to Detroit Lakes Newspapers.

"It's probably different than anything that's in DL right now," said Roach, a self-proclaimed city girl who moved to the area from Hastings, Minn.

"And after doing some shopping around town, we just thought the community could really benefit from some more variety and diversity ... some unique and unexpected apparel," said Roach.

And although neither one of them come from a retail background (Tracy worked in a mortuary and Chris worked construction) the husband and wife team decided to give their own lives a new twist ... a new town and a whole new business venture.

"And so far the community has been responding to it even more than we thought," said Roach, who says they think Detroit Lakes is "fresh and evolving."

She says Unique Boutique has a "fun, funky" feel, which instead of catering to one type of customer, strives to offer something for everyone.

"We have jewelry, handbags, sunglasses, fun, fresh, edgy stuff for the less conservative people, business apparel, things for 1x, 2x, 3x, Jamaican or tie-dyed, hippy type stuff, and lots of single-item pieces because being in a small town you hate to have 25 people with the same shoes or same shirt as you," said Roach, who describes the store as "eclectic," selling the line of sunglasses worn by Elton John and Lady Gaga.

And while there is a wide variety of merchandise for shoppers, there's also variety in prices, as Unique Boutique has a spread of low-cost items to high-end pieces.

"But for the most part I think we're more conservatively priced than a lot of specialty stores," said Roach. "It's been our thing -- we want to provide good, quality merchandise and apparel for an affordable price because we know not everyone can afford to spend $80 on a shirt."

Right now Tracy and Chris are in the middle of moving to Detroit Lakes with their three children after spending nearly a year in Lake Park, and are now excited to become part of the Detroit Lakes community.

"We really look forward to meeting new people and just providing a new, fresh place where people can shop and find eccentric things -- things that nobody else has because that's what makes it fun," said Roach. "We want people to come in and know they're not going to see other people with the same things."

Unique Boutique is open Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Although the store is closed Sundays, Roach says people are more than welcome to give them a call and they will open up the shop for customers who can't make it during normal store times.

A website is also being designed for the boutique, for online shoppers.

For more information, call Unique Boutique at 847-5482.