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Interior design business offers artistic flare

Myy design offers specialty tiles, carpets, fabrics and other design elements not typically found in local stores and showrooms. Photo by - Paula Quam1 / 2
A few of the products you can find at Myy Designs that you can't find anywhere else. Photo by - Paula Quam2 / 2

Detroit Lakes woman Marga Ybarra likes things around her to be beautiful.

"I do, when I'm in my own home, I don't like things to be plain or boring," said Ybarra, dressed with fashion flare, "I've just always loved making things beautiful and have always done artwork and have been design driven."

Now, Ybarra is channeling that inner talent into her own business, called Myy Designs, which is located along highway 10 east of the city. (Many locals know it as the old Sherman Photography Studio).

Since April 1, Ybarra has taken that space and turned it into her own interior design studio.

For new construction, Ybarra will work straight with the builder. "So basically I will get the blueprint and I will be given just a square room," explained Ybarra, "and I will go in and give it some architectural elements to really make it special."

The Crookston native, who went to school at NDSU for interior design and architecture, cites an example of how a designer can take a basic space and make it unique.

"I had a client where the blueprint had a really long hallway with just some closets drawn in there, so I went in and turned part of it into like an art gallery area," said Ybarra.

The designer will also go right into people's homes to help them with remodeling projects and space issues.

Walking into her studio, clients will see a small showroom of unique tiles and carpets, but Ybarra says the majority of what she has is in catalogs that are available just to industry professionals and it is those unique, specialty products that Ybarra says she loves to use.

"The fact is, that you don't know what you don't know," she said, "and I think people, especially being up here in the Midwest where we are usually the last ones to see new things, are surprised at what is out there. These are specialty items you will not see in your typical showroom."

Ybarra, who prior to her business venture worked at both Floor to Ceiling and Noah's home furniture, says she will do anything from specialized flooring all the way to the smallest details like shopping for bedding and silverware - she will get as detailed as the client wants her to.

"People tend to think they can't afford an interior decorator, but I like to give people that multi-million dollar look without that price tag," said Ybarra, "but at the same time, if you're looking for a 99-cent tile, this isn't the place for that either."

And while she knows there are a lot of people who now like to try the do-it-yourself projects, she cautions that watching it on TV doesn't always translate into a successful project at home. "I've had so many people call me frustrated because they tried something at home that just didn't work, so please, if you're going to try something big and crazy, call me first!" she laughed.

Ybarra says what's "hot" right now is bright colors and gray shades, but she says she tends to design in a more "timeless classic" style for longevity. However, she also says wants the results to be a reflection of her clients.

"I don't design for myself, I design for my clients because they are the ones that will be living in it, so I don't worry about being too trendy," she said.

Ybarra is typically in her studio Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., but she does prefer people make appointments with her so that she can "fully focus on that client without interruption."

To contact her, call 844-5820.