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Personal trainer takes his plan into DL homes

Mike Naseth is fit and trim after implementing his own weightloss plan, which helped him shed 27 percent of his body fat. Submitted Photo1 / 2
A heavier Naseth began his workouts last March.2 / 2

Mike Naseth had the perfect subject to test out his new exercise and nutritional program -- himself.

The plan, which Naseth calls "The Mike WKO" 12-week exercise and nutritional program, turned his overweight self, into a tip-top shape individual in just a dozen weeks.

Now, he wants to share his plan with the public and Naseth is ready to come to you personally with his 1-on-1 Fitness venture.

"Some people are intimidated in going to the gym, so they don't go," Naseth said. "But I am willing to come to your house and plan workouts for individuals. I just want to help people."

Naseth has good experience in the personal-training business, since he ran 1-on-1 Fitness Gym in Fargo, before it burned down a few years ago.

Unfortunately, Naseth lost the majority of his $1.5 million worth of equipment in the fire, he said.

But recently, he started rebuilding his fitness career and is ready to kick it off in the Detroit Lakes area, and the unique aspect is he is willing to travel to his customers.

"My motto is 'Gotta wanna. Never give up, never surrender,'" Naseth added.

The personal trainer experienced the rigors of rehabbing after he was wounded in the service, during his time in the Navy.

As a disabled veteran, Naseth took it upon himself to rehab himself and has since been a health and fitness professional training hundreds of individuals since 1992.

He has worked back from his military service injuries, eight bulging discs and has learned how to use his fitness training experience to help alleviate his Psoriatic arthritis and fibromyalgia.

In other words, it's been quite the path traveled for Naseth.

"Mike has had many set backs and incredibly bad luck which would have sunk a lot of people," said Detroit Lakes Cultural and Community Center personal trainer Mark Gloege. "He is such a positive person and has ton of experience. Mike can be very helpful to a large segment of the population."

Through his time of learning the trade of fitness and nutrition, he has picked up certified status as a sports performance enhancement specialist and personal training.

In other words, Naseth does it all.

"I train athletes in all sports and will train people who are trying to lose weight or are training for bodybuilding or powerlifting," Naseth said. "I can also consult with people who are trying to build their own home gym.

"Again, I just want to help people."

Naseth knows firsthand how sickness and injury can take a person out of action, thus gaining weight and losing energy.

Last winter, he was bed-ridden for six months due to his past injuries and ballooned to 225 pounds.

"My body fat percentage was at 42.3 percent, which means I had put on 95 pounds of fat," Naseth said. "I had a 129.8 lean body mass count."

One morning, after experiencing a nasty nightmare from his military days, he woke up feeling a bit more spry.

"I walked out to my mailbox and felt good," Naseth said. "Then I felt like going to the gym again. I did very light workouts starting last March and been serious ever since June."

Those workouts he planned and worked with trimmed off 50 pounds quickly. His body fat went from 42.3 percent down to 15 percent with the workout he is now offering to individuals looking to trim that fat off.

"In a handful of weeks, Mike was able to drop an impressive amount of body fat," Gloege said. "Even a very dedicated person would have a hard time doing that much in a year."

Naseth's 1-on-1 Fitness will offer a free consultation and a free body index, which includes the lean body mass measurement.

Naseth can also develop a nutrition and meal plan, along with "The Mike WKO" training program, for a "sliding scale" fee -- depending on the distance he needs to travel.

"I like helping people help themselves," Naseth said. "I am just a go-between to helping make their lifestyles well again.

"If you really take care of your body and spirit, your problems will melt away."

To schedule a free consultation or to learn more about what Naseth's 1-on-1 Fitness provides, call 218-841-4282 or visit his website at

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Brian Wierima
Detroit Lakes Newspapers Sports Editor for the last 15 years. St. Cloud State University graduate, who hails from Deer Creek, MN.