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Salon set to open in Downtown Crossing

Ly Mai and Sandy Ta both have a thing for beauty.

“I like to make people more beautiful … I like to take care of people,” said Mai, smiling.

The ladies, originally from Vietnam, are just about ready to swing open the doors to a business where they’ll be offering up the “cure” to unsightly nails.

One of the last spaces in the third building of the Downtown Crossing is now home to Marvelous Nails —co-owned by Mai and Ta.

The nail salon is set to open up sometime next week and greeting customers will be six plush spa chairs (including one pink princess one for little girls) and a seemingly endless array of polish choices as the ladies have nearly 500 bottles ready to go.

“Whatever the customer likes, that’s what I can do,” said Mai, who along with her friend, Ta, have worked at nail salons before. And while the beauty school grads both gained experience and knowledge within the industry, they also both had ideas of their own.

Now, they’re getting ready to do it their way.

“There’s more freedom,” said Mai, “When I worked for a different place I had to follow their rules, and I thought if I ever worked for myself, I would do for my customer what it is they want.”  And customers will have plenty of choices, as Mai, Ta and their two new employees can do manicures, pedicures, acrylics, gels and what is called “pink and white.”

Mai and Ta say a fairly unique aspect of Marvelous Nails is the liners they put at the bottom of each spa chair that are changed in between customers, ensuring sanitary conditions every single time.  “That way nobody has to worry about other people’s feet,” said Mai.

The two friends-turned-business partners are excited about their new business venture, but they admit it’s also been quite a challenge as the entrepreneurs are learning a lot more than just the art of beautiful nails.  “I helped my parents run a business in Vietnam, but it’s very different in America,” said Mai.  “I think it’s much work, much worry and much exciting,” said Ta.

Marvelous Nails co-owners Sandy Ta and Ly Mai

But two women are stronger and better than one, they say, and are hoping the great location, friendly personalities and flare for beauty will mean many customers for the new business, which will also be having a grand opening sometime soon.

For that, there will be discounts and deals on the services that right now sit at $15 for a regular manicure, $20 for a French manicure, $30 for a regular pedicure, $35 for a French pedicure, $30 for a full color set, $35 for a design and white tip and $45 for a Pink & White.

The ladies who love the lovelier side of life say they hope their customers are not only 100 percent satisfied with their nails, but that they can take a little bit of that happiness home with them.

Marvelous Nails is located at 137 Veterans Memorial Parkway in Detroit Lakes.

Hours are from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 6 on Saturday and from noon to 5 on Sunday.  For more information, call 844-3699.