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Bicycle shop opens in DL

DL bike shop where the ‘DL’ stands for ‘David Langworthy,’ opened today in the old Video Action space in the Travel Plaza along Highway 10 East in Detroit Lakes. PAULA QUAM/TRIBUNE

Albert Einstein once said, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

That is what local entrepreneur David Langworthy is doing as he closes one chapter of his life and opens up the next, with the next being entitled “DL Bike Shop.”

Changing Lanes

For years, Langworthy has been making his way throughout the streets of Detroit Lakes with three letters embroidered on his shirt —EMS.

Not only has he been the director of operations at St. Mary’s EMS since 1999, but he’s also a familiar face on the education scene as he continues serving on the Detroit Lakes School Board.

But as accomplished as he has become in the community, Langworthy has had another dream pulling at him … one that was rooted in his past.

“My first paid outside job was putting together and fixing bikes at a Coast to Coast hardware store in Mapleton, Minnesota,” said Langworthy, who seemed to have a knack for the job.

Although his career took him in one direction, the love of fitness and bikes stayed with him throughout the years.

“I would still work on my own bikes or my friends’ or family’s,” he said. 

Last year, Langworthy slowly began his lane change when he opened up a small bike repair business out of his home.

“It’s just a passion,” he said. “I enjoy working with people, especially when it has to do with fitness.”

Langworthy worked on building up his clientele while planning his transition from the 24-7 of the first response business to the creation of the area’s only bike store.

And just as the first day of May rolls around, Langworthy is swinging the doors open to the DL Bike Shop located at 1121 Highway 10 East in the Travel Plaza, or as many remember it, the old Video Action space.

The inside has been totally remodeled to make room for the dozens of new, high quality bicycles that have just arrived.

But shoppers shouldn’t expect the big box store prices or quality — both will be higher at the DL Bike Shop.

“There are different prices and styles, but if you get on a $600 bike versus a $100 bike, it’s a world of difference,” said Langworthy, who says the seats of his bikes flex with the body as it rides.

“You get what you pay for, and you will enjoy being on it more, which means you’ll probably use it a lot more.”

And because different people have different needs and goals when it comes to biking, Langworthy has stocked his store with options.

“Anything from simple cruising out to get the mail up to riding on the road, to hybrid bikes that are in between, fitness bikes and comfort bikes that sits you more straight up and down with hands up higher in a position people are used to sitting,” he said.

The DL Bike Shop also has some higher quality children’s bikes for sale, which Langworthy says will likely be able to withstand being passed down through four kids instead of breaking down after one.

“And they’re easier to repair because if there’s something wrong, components on less expensive bikes are difficult to repair or are not repairable at all,” said Langworthy, who says a lot of engineering goes into his bikes.

The DL Bike Shop will also sell trainers (mounts that turn regular bikes into stationary ones), as well as tag alongs and carts for the kids.

Langworthy says he hopes having a retail space will open up some more doors for his new business.

“It helps as far as distributors go … getting parts in a timely manner, which will help even more my service and repair,” said Langworthy, who attended United Bicycle Institute classes on advanced bicycle mechanic and shop operations in Ashland, Ore.

“And I think that really tipped me over the edge and gave me the confidence to do this, because then I knew I had the real ability,” said Langworthy, who also knows timing can be everything when opening a business like this.

For Detroit Lakes, the timing seems to be perfect as more bike trails are being paved out along the Heartland Trail, including an underpass that is set to be constructed under Highway 10 that would be near the DL Bike Shop.

It would essentially be the trailhead for the bike path leading to Frazee.

The city has also invested in connecting some of its main bike trails, creating prime biking conditions in and around the lakes area.

“And I’m hoping the location of the store is advantageous because not only is it right along the trail but it’s also close to the mountain view trails that are already there, said Langworthy, “so I’m hoping serendipity is on my side.”

DL Bike Shop is open weekdays from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

For more information call 844-5320 or find DL Bike Shop on Facebook.