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Spanky's delivers: catering business heats up

What started out as a temporary fix has now become a permanent arm of the Spanky’s Stone Hearth business.              

Owner Josh Hanson and General Manager Anthony Soland and their Destination Dining catering business have taken off quicker than they intended.

“What sparked it was the fire,” Soland said, referring to the 2010 fire that caused heavy damage to Spanky’s. “People were being supportive and wanted to support us, and it just took off from there.”

While Spanky’s was being rebuilt, the brothers and their staff worked on the catering end of the business. Last year it took a jump to the next level with the purchase of a “100 percent self-sufficient” trailer.

“It’s its own kitchen, is what it is,” Soland explained.

They are able to prepare and serve food right out of the trailer so the food is always fresh and hot.

With weddings, graduations, reunions, birthdays and any other celebrations needing delicious delectables, Destination Dining is able to pull up and prep and serve the food.

Soland said they also rent out linens, glassware, silverware, dishes, pretty much anything. They also have barbecue grills to bring along if that’s your taste. They can serve 10 to 500 people, groups of any size.

“We take care of everything — set up, servers, clean up,” he said. “That way you had a good party and you didn’t have to do anything.”

With the abilities of Spanky’s restaurant, Soland said there are many food possibilities with Destination Dining.

“The options are endless. We can do anything.”

The locations the Destination Dining trailer will travel to seem endless as well. Soland said it’s been nothing for them to take the trailer to the Fargo-Moorhead area to cater an event. He predicts the lakes area will be busy this summer, and then once the season slows again, it won’t be a problem to travel farther again.

“The trailer has been amazing,” he said.

Destination Dining also has an off-site liquor license, so a full bar is available at events as well.

Though the business may have happened a little sooner than anticipated, that isn’t to say that Destination Dining wouldn’t have happened in the future anyway. It would have happened with or without the fire, Soland said.

“We’re always looking for something new,” he said.

For more information on Destination Dining, call 218-334-3555 or visit Spanky’s webpage at

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