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Weddings, other events, held at Five Lake

Five Lakes Resort has refurbished the barn on the property and it is now open for events. Submitted Photo

What started out as an open house to show off a new venue for weddings and other large gatherings, has morphed into a chamber-of-commerce type gathering featuring booths from dozens of businesses.

Five Lakes Resort is located on Lake Five, off Camp Cherith Road near Vergas. It features a refurbished barn and a number of cabins, and is affiliated with Fair Hills Resort.

“This is an event for adults, and not for children.  The idea is to get as many people out to visit with the area businesses and to see The Barn at Five Lakes,” said  Larry Swenson, marketing director for Fair Hills and Five Lakes resorts.

“Unless people are invited to The Barn for an event such as a wedding or a banquet, or are guests at Five Lakes Resort, they would not be able to see the facility.  So this is the opportunity for the people from the area to see the newest event facility.”

Swenson said the event is not so much an open house as an “open barn” and runs from 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Monday, June 10. It is being co-sponsored by the Detroit Lakes and the Perham chambers of commerce, and the Vergas Community Club.

If the weather cooperates, there will be a few golf cart and driving tours to see Five Lakes Resort.  There will be a cash bar, and  Seven Sisters Spirits will also hold a wine (or other spirits) tasting.  Appetizers will be served by Fair Hills Resort.

There will be 30-some businesses with display tables at the event.  They will be both upstairs and downstairs in the Barn at Five Lakes. There will be a combination of large area businesses as well as small home-based businesses.

At 6 p.m. there will be music by the Fair Hills Resort staff, with part of their summer musical show, “The Fair Hills Hootenanny.”  Then Dave Kaldahl will tell the history of Five Lakes Resort.

The Barn was originally a barn as part of a farm.  Lots of the Courneya family grew up at this farm.  Fair Hills Resort (Dave and Barb Kaldahl) bought the farm and the cabins on Lake Five and the acreage in 1976.

For the next few summers, the Fair Hills staff would bring some of the teenagers out to camp out in the hay mow, and have “overnights” with swimming, hiking, flour army and “roar” games under the direction of Larry Swenson and Diane Rostad, the recreation directors at Fair Hills.

Then the barn was slowly renovated by Dan Mohn, Gordy Grahn, Jim Drayton, and a few others, under the watchful eyes of Dan and Beth Schupp, and Lisa Kaldahl.  The first idea was to remodel the downstairs and put in some nice horse stalls.

Well, Swenson said, the stalls were “way too nice” for the horses, so the remodeling continued to put in a new floor in the hay mow, a grand double stairway on the south side of the barn, and an insulated roof.

Large windows were put in the south side of the barn where the big upper level barn doors had once been.

The site now boasts 10 cabins, and in 2012, The Barn opened for events, offering ample space for weddings, special dinners, meetings or parties.