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Wells Fargo's Web site given top honors

Wells Fargo & Company Web site has taken top honors for technological and digital innovation, ranking first out of 68 leading U.S. corporations, according to the Brookings Institution.

The Brookings Institution evaluated nearly two dozen features of digital innovation, including personalization, interactivity, transparency, PDA (personal digital assistant) access, disability access, language translation, number of online services, privacy, security and user feedback.

Wells Fargo was ranked above sites belonging to corporations generally considered industry leaders including Google, Apple, Amazon and Disney.

"As the first major financial institution to offer Internet banking, Wells Fargo has a proud history of pioneering in the digital world," said Jim Smith, executive vice president, Wells Fargo Internet Services Group. "We work very hard to ensure our offerings are user-friendly and innovative. Being ranked number 1 is a great honor,"