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Property tax refund forms due Monday

The Minnesota Department of Revenue reminds Minnesotans to file applications for state property tax refunds and renter's refunds by Aug. 17, 2009. Even taxpayers who didn't qualify in previous years may be eligible for a refund.

Taxpayers should complete Form M1PR to determine if they are eligible and, if so, the amount of their refund.

The average renter's refund is $585, with a maximum of $1,490. The average homeowner's refund is $695, with a maximum of $2,310.

Renters may qualify if their 2008 household income was less than $52,300.

For homeowners, the total household income must be less than $96,940, and they must have owned and used the property as their principal residence on Jan. 2, 2009.

Taxpayers can apply for the property tax refund electronically for a small fee at the department's Web site at

To file on paper, taxpayers can download Form M1PR and instructions at the Web site.

Renters who filed by June 15, 2009, can expect refunds in mid-August; homeowners who filed by Aug. 1 can expect refunds in late-September.

It will take up to 60 days to receive a refund if an application was filed at a later date.

To check on the status of a property tax refund, go to or call (651) 296-4444 or (800) 657-3676. Please wait at least 60 days after filing before checking on the status of a refund.