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DL's Coldwell Banker under new ownership

Steve Larson, of Detroit Lakes, has purchased the Coldwell Banker franchise from the Fargo office and is now an independent franchise owner. The new company name is Coldwell Banker at the Lakes and the office will remain at 1345 Highway 10 West in Detroit Lakes.

"It's really a good bunch, I enjoy working with each and everyone here," Larson said of the office staff. "They were very welcoming of me when I came here."

Larson was formerly with Action Realty in Detroit Lakes as an owner/agent. He's currently the president elect of the Lakes Country Association of Realtors and has served once before as president of that association.

Larson's top priorities now include making the website, as well as all of the company's resources, user friendly.

"We're going to be embracing as much of the newest technology as possible," he said.