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Joint Commission recognizes Essentia

In a letter received on October 26, 2010, from The Joint Commission President, Mark R. Chassin, Essentia Health St. Mary's was congratulated for significant performance improvement on the core measure for prophylactic antibiotic selection for surgical patients.  

Based on Essentia Health St. Mary's achievement, The Joint Commission has invited the organization to participate in the pilot testing of a new online forum called the Core Measure Solution Exchange. The Solution Exchange is designed to facilitate the sharing of success stories regarding how accredited hospitals attained excellent performance on core measures so they can learn from each other.

For now, only those hospitals that have dramatically improved and sustained their performance are being asked to contribute to the Solution Exchange. These solutions are shared with other accredited hospitals.

Through the Solution Exchange, hospitals that are struggling to improve their performance -- especially on accountability measures -- will be able to learn how their peers have attained and maintained their high ratings.