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Perham hospital renews contract with Sanford

Effective December 1, Perham Memorial Hospital and Home (PMHH) and Sanford Health have signed an enhanced five-year management agreement. PMHH will remain under local community ownership, governed by the local board of directors and will retain ownership of all property.

As a part of the agreement, Sanford will provide PMHH with greater access to both clinical and support services, including "Epic," the most comprehensive health information system available on the market today. It provides seamless computer access to a patient's medical information at any Sanford location. The components of this secure system include online appointment scheduling, pre-admissions and registration information, an Electronic Health Record that integrates both hospital and clinic patient records, and a combined hospital and clinic billing statement.

This partnership brings with it an extensive network of providers through stronger relationships with specialists associated with Sanford Health.

"The success of the last 25 year's affiliation with Sanford (MeritCare) was the basis for the Board of Trustees to support continuing the relationship," said Kathy Hemmelgarn, chairperson of the PMHH Board of Trustees. "This new, strengthened partnership positions PMHH to continue as a progressive leader in health care, ultimately continuing our mission to make more services available in our local community."

In addition to strengthening local services, the management agreement provides patients access to a wide range of advanced technology and specialists in the Sanford Health system, Hemmelgarn added.

Sanford and PMHH will be structurally more aligned through a yearly strategic planning process designed to focus on increased integration, the creation of an Operations Committee with members from the Perham Board of Trustees and Sanford, and expansion of PMHH Executive Committee to include Sanford representation.