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DL woman is No. 1 in Dale Carnegie class

Gina Schauer has won the highest award for achievement for her participation in the Dale Carnegie Course she completed in Detroit Lakes.

The recipient for the award is voted on by class members upon completion of the course series.

The criteria for this award is to exemplify the principles of Dale Car-negie training throughout the course, demonstrate significant personal and professional development, careful preparation and are showing leadership in the class.

Gina is the Laboratory Director with RMB Environmental Laboratories, Inc. located in Detroit Lakes, and currently lives in Lake Park with her husband Travis and their two girls; Erin 4 and Taylor 3.

The Dale Carnegie Course is the flagship course of the Dale Carnegie organization.

Used by over 450 of the Fortune 500 companies, this training teaches practical skills to help participants become more successful.

Dale Carnegie Training also offers the Sales Advantage, Leadership Training for Managers, High Impact Presentations and Customized Corporate Solutions.