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Essentia St. Mary's hands out awards

Essentia St. Mary's employees Anita Jonason MD, Nancy Kidder, Paul Hendrickson MD, and Verla Day received physician awards at a recent banquet.

Essentia Health St. Mary's proudly announces the winners of its third annual Physician Awards banquet held at the end of March.

The event is sponsored by the EHSM Physician Culture and Values Committee and providers are given the opportunity to submit nominations in several categories including Community Physician of the Year, Caregivers of the Year and Colleague of the Year. This year, the community was asked to nominate the Community Physician of the Year with the award recipient in each category selected by the Physician Culture and Values Committee.

The Caregiver of the Year -- Direct Patient Care is a staff member nominated by a physician who exemplifies the values of the organization. This is a person who always places the patient first, and treats patients with humanity and compassion. This can be a staff member from any department who touches the lives of our patients. Nominee's included Ann Leonard, Nancy Kidder, Sean Degerstrom, Sue Ivankovich and Tom Alinder with Kidder being named the award recipient.

The Caregiver of the Year -- Indirect Patient Care is a staff member nominated by a physician who exemplifies the values of the organization. This person supports the efforts of those providing direct patient care. This person understands how their actions impact the ability of the direct patient care staff to place the patient first. This year's nominees include Jean Evans, Verla Day and Janelle Ditterick-Gerdes with Day receiving the award.

The Colleague of the Year is a physician who exemplifies the qualities and behaviors detailed in the Physician Principles of Partnership. This Physician demonstrates and lives what we stand for in compassion, how we treat our patients and partners, and how we manage the challenges of our profession. This is a person who we are proud to call our colleague. Nominated this year are Dr. James Christensen, Dr. Shivan Kulasingham, Dr. Anita Jonason, and Dr. Carl Kaster with Dr. Jonason receiving the award.

The Community Doctor is nominated by their patients for their humanity and compassion, extraordinary efforts, and advocacy for their patient. The community doctor also reaches out to the community and becomes involved. This can be through involvement in organizations in the community, volunteering for missions, serving on boards of directors, or being a good citizen. Nominees include Dr. Dupe Adewunmi, Dr. William Henke, Dr. Neil Jonason, Dr. Talitha Sannes-Venhuizen, Dr. Knute Thorsgard, Dr. Anita Jonason, Dr. Bruce Conmy, Dr. Paul Hendrickson and Dr. Shivan Kulasingham. Dr. Hendrickson was the recipient of this year's Community Doctor award.