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Familiar face re-joins Chaney's 2 Auto Repair

Chaney's 2 has added a new automotive technician to its team...sort of.

Vern Hanson is back on board with the newly reopened Chaney's 2 after working for the original Chaney's from 2006 to 2009 when it closed.

"The first time around he was one of the best technicians I ever had as far as his skills and ability to talk to people," said Chaney's 2 Owner Jon Mickelson.

"He's a really friendly and super addition to our team and I'm really glad he's back," Mickelson added.

Hanson brings 35 years of experience to the shop, specializing in front end alignments and suspension work.

Hanson also worked at Grover Lindberg for 26 years, as well as working for Norseman Motors and R&G Subaru.

Now that he's back at Chaney's 2, he says he looks forward to getting back all the original customers at the original Chaneys and helping to make the business thrive.

"I like the satisfaction of making all the customers happy and knowing they're satisfied with how (their vehicle) drives," said Hanson, who lives in Detroit Lakes with his wife, Lanette and their son.