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Buffalo-Red River Watershed expands

The Board of Managers, Buffalo-Red River Watershed District welcomed two new managers at its regular meeting Oct. 22 in the new Barnesville office.

Troy Larson, Wilkin County, and Peter Fjestad, Otter Tail County, were appointed by their respective counties to three-year terms, increasing the number of managers from five to seven.

The appointments were made as a result of the April 25 Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources order in response to a petition from the counties to add approximately 430 square miles of land to the watershed district.

The new territory includes the lower Ottertail River downstream of Orwell Dam to Breckenridge. 

The watershed district plans to hold a hearing this winter to inform landowners about the location of the eastern boundary, discuss the watershed rules, and answer general questions about watershed district operations and procedures.