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Revenue Dept unveils e-services upgrade

After months of gathering feedback, the Minnesota Department of Revenue is unveiling new, improved enhancements to its e-Services system.

E-Services is the department’s online system that allows business taxpayers to file, pay, and review tax returns, access account information, and perform other tax related business electronically.

The department had real users test the changes and give their feedback. The department spent six months analyzing their responses and making changes. This feedback plays a crucial role in allowing taxpayers to conduct their business in a more effective and efficient manner.

Overall, users rated the updated system as very easy and user-friendly. In addition, the improvements significantly cut the time it takes to complete tasks; in some cases even cutting the completion time in half.

“We found that we needed to change the navigation, page layout and improve the experience for our users,” said Terri Steenblock, Assistant Commissioner for Individual Taxes. “We are thrilled to offer this updated service to our customers and we will continue gathering feedback to make even more enhancements.”

Some of the changes include:

  • A simpler, less cluttered look.
  • Light bulb icons to provide hints and more descriptive and prominent error messages.
  • A processing wheel icon to indicate when a transaction is in process.
  • Headers on every page to identify where the user is in the system.

The log-in screen will look different, but current e-Services users will not need to change their user ID or password in order to access the system.