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Mary Kay director earns career car

Mary Kay Independent Sales Director Jill Unruh of Detroit Lakes is on the road to success.

Unruh earned the use of a new Chevy Equinox crossover as a result of her outstanding achievements in operating her independent Mary Kay business.

Jill Unruh

The Chevy Equinox is offered in black. In addition to the Chevy Equinox, the Mary Kay Career Car Program includes the Chevy Malibu sedan in white, the Toyota Camry in black, the Ford Mustang in black and the exclusive pearlized pink Cadillac, a coveted symbol of personal success.

In keeping with Mary Kay’s preeminence as a leader in providing women with an unparalleled opportunity and desirable business incentives, Mary Kay Inc. continues to upgrade the options available to star performers in the independent sales force.

Since the Career Car Program’s inception in 1969, nearly 140,000 independent sales force members have either qualified or re-qualified to earn the use of a Mary Kay career car. Currently, 7,185 Mary Kay career cars are on the road nationwide.

“The Career Car Program provides the independent sales force the opportunity to earn the use of a visible symbol of their success,” said Darrell Overcash, president of Mary Kay Inc. U.S. “Each car obtained through this exciting program reflects the hard work, determination and professionalism of the independent sales force.”

Unruh began her Mary Kay business as an Independent Beauty Consultant in 1992 and as a direct result of her accomplishments, became an independent sales director in 1996. As an independent sales director, she chooses to provide education, leadership and motivation to other Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants and offers her customers high-quality Mary Kay products.

Unruh took delivery of the new Chevy Equinox, her 10th Mary Kay career car, at Nereson, Detroit Lakes. Independent sales directors earn the use of Mary Kay career cars through outstanding business achievements.