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Ecumen housing mgr. completes training

Mel Oelfke, housing manager at Ecumen Detroit Lakes, recently completed the Ecumen Velocity Leadership Development Program, a year-long experience focused on building leadership skills and developing innovative approaches to aging services.

“The Velocity experience is designed to prepare our leaders for a future that transforms the way we think about and deal with aging,” said Carolyn Perron, Ecumen’s director of training and development, who leads Velocity. “We work on the premise that great questions lead to great answers.

“So the group tackles a big project designed to challenge them and grow their skills, while also helping Ecumen deal with real issues facing the organization.”

“Velocity gives you the time and the tools to develop yourself,” Oelfke said. 

“And it exposes you to diverse perspectives both inside and outside the company. 

“It’s all about transformation, and it works.”

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