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DEED job tool shows opportunity, wages

A new data tool that students can use to determine employment and wage outcomes from various programs of study was unveiled by the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development.

The Graduate Employment Outcomes tool is intended to help students make informed choices about which fields of study offer the best opportunities for jobs and wages.

Other potential users include educators who want to align post-secondary program offerings with labor market demand and policymakers who want to identify which sectors of the economy have an oversupply or undersupply of workers.

The tool, part of a collaborative effort with the Minnesota Office of Higher Education, was developed using data involving students who graduated from post-secondary programs in Minnesota between July 2009 and June 2011.           

Those students were then tracked (using Minnesota unemployment insurance records) to find out how many were working and how much they were making in the first and second years after graduation.

The tool allows users to sort employment and wage outcomes by region, degree awarded, institution type and major field of study. The data will be updated each year with each new graduation class.

Access to the Graduate Employment Outcomes tool and summary information is available on the DEED website.