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DL doctor helps local health care students

Detroit Lakes Obstetrician/Gynecologist Dr. James Christianson of Essentia Health is one of the medical professionals at Essentia that are cultivating medical students.

He is part of a team that has provided more than 400,000 hours of clinical education to students in the past year.

It’s part of Essentia Health’s commitment to the future and to ensuring students of today are educated properly for tomorrow’s healthcare needs.

“Providing clinical site experiences for student education is a solid investment in our future workforce – a workforce we need in order to make a healthy difference in people’s lives for years to come,” says Kate Dean, director of Health Science and Graduate Medical Education at the Essentia Institute of Rural Health.

Students in healthcare programs are required to spend a significant amount of time doing hands-on learning in a clinical setting. Dean says all levels of healthcare education require clinical education, from medical assistants to physicians. Without these clinical experiences, students are unable to graduate. Essentia Health physicians, pharmacists, therapists, nurses and other employees spend time as teachers and coaches to the next generation.

“People are so interested in giving back to their profession,” Dean adds.  “They feel a personal responsibility and a great deal of pride.”

Clinical placements are in high demand and Essentia works closely with local academic partners to ensure students with local ties to their communities are given top priority for these much sought after experiences.