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Fundraiser to purchase toys for military kids

Detroit Lakes' Anytime Fitness is hosting a fundraiser to purchase toys for children of military families in the area.

Everyone who donates $10 or more will have their name put into a drawing for a chance to shave the beard of Tank (of Tank's Tattoos in Glyndon). However, that can only happen if the organization raises at least $2,000. And if $3,000 is raised, then Tank will take out all of his piercings.

Whoever gives a large cash donation of $250 gets a free tattoo from Tank's Tattoos.

Donations of $20 or more get free Anytime Fitness t-shirts and donations of $30 or more will not be charged an enrollment or key fee as new members.

The fundraising efforts began Nov. 1 and will last through Friday, Dec. 10. Distribution of the toys will be held on Wednesday, Dec. 15 at the Armory.

Donations are taken at Anytime Fitness in Detroit Lakes and Tank's Tattoos in Glyndon. For more information, call 218-844-5656.