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Sanford's Deraney is first to bring 'Essure'

Each year many women in the U.S. have sterilization procedures done that typically require general anesthesia, possible hospital stay and recovery time.

Dr. Jamie Deraney, OB/GYN, Sanford Clinic Detroit Lakes, has begun using a safe, simple and highly-effective procedure for couples looking for permanent birth control.

"Essure" is a less expensive and scalpel-free alternative to permanent birth control that can be done in a clinic office setting with no general anesthesia required. Often times this procedure can be completed in 10 minutes.

Although Essure was FDA approved in 2002, Dr. Deraney is the first physician to bring the procedure to Detroit Lakes and surrounding area. For more information regarding Essure, or to schedule an appointment, please call the Sanford Clinic Detroit Lakes 218-846-2000.