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Dr. Sannes-Venhuizen receives RPAP award

Talitha Sannes-Venhuizen, M.D., was chosen by the Rural Physician Associate Program (RPAP) as the recipient of the RPAP Preceptor Achievement Award for the 2009-2010 program year.

Dr. Sannes-Venuizen was nominated by RPAP student, Brittany Beeson, who wrote in her nomination letter, "Dr. Sannes-Venhuizen is an example of medical excellence in a small community. She has been very influential in shaping my medical education both as a clinical and personal mentor.

Dr. Sannes-Venhuizen, or Dr. Talitha, as her patients fondly call her, is the epitome of a small town family doctor. She is caring, thorough, and views patients in terms of their comprehensive medical and psychosocial context."

Beeson continues, "Looking back at my past nine months in the RPAP program, I couldn't have picked a better mentor. Every student should have the opportunity to work with such an exemplary teacher."

Essentia Health St. Mary's congratulates Dr. Sannes-Venhuizen on receiving the RPAP Preceptor Achievement Award for 2009-10 and for her outstanding teaching efforts.